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Hydrocanal is a company based in Travliata, on the island of Kefalonia, and it has been active business in the construction and installation of gutters since 2005. The founder and owner of the company is Koletsis Spyros.

Hydrocanal specialises in gutter installations, and it uses a variety of materials, aluminum, copper, zinc, and inox. With our trucks and professional qualified crew and machinery, it has the ability to cover the island of Kefalonia and the island of Ithaca.

Hydrocanal not only ensures modern equipment and qualified workers, who can finish the project within one day’s work, but also, it provides every customer with a written ten (10) year warranty on the quality of our products and the excellence of the work.

When you choose Hydrocanal for your gutter installation you achieve:

  • Better Prices
  • Insulation - Waterproof
  • High Aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Excellent Functionality
  • Architectural Application
  • Water collection
  • Installation without scaffolding

The gutters and downspouts are built, shaped, and formed, in your space, and they are adapted to your own needs, and your house’s special features. All the materials we use have been frequently tested, ensuring they meet the required standards, resulting in a high aesthetic and long-lasting resistance to the climatic conditions of our islands.

Our specialized crews place gutters of aluminum, or copper, without prominent supports (brackets or hungers), achieving a high aesthetic result with a long lasting life durance for the difficult climatic conditions of Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Hydrocanal is one of the few companies in Greece to place gutters without scaffolding.

The gutter brackets or hungers are placed every 60 cm, and the materials used are aluminum or inox.

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