Our specialized crews place continuous aluminum or copper gutters without obvious brackets, achieving a high aesthetic result and high lifetime expectancy in the difficult climatic conditions of Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Five (5) or six (6) inch downspouts are used by hydrocanal gutter systems, the gutters are manufactured in your building space and adapted to your needs.

The (6) inch downspouts offer greater water capacity and better roof drainage – particularly useful for those areas of our islands where water is collected in tanks.

Hydrocanal has the ability to built continuous downspouts (in one piece).

Hydrocanal is one of the few companies in Greece that places gutters without scaffolding.

The gutter brackets are placed every 60 cm, the materials used are aluminum or inox.

The inox brackets have excellent water and weather resistance – which is particularly important for buildings near the sea and in areas with strong winds. In addition, they protect your home from fungus.